Saturday, June 21, 2008

Great Summertime Activities for the Kids

The warm weather has gotten me thinking about things that I can do with my son. Now, he is only a year old so this somewhat limits our options but I've compiled a list of some pretty great kid-friendly summer activities. Take a look and feel free to leave your own suggestions as well.

1. Print coloring pages from the National Geographic website or from Family Education. The have a TON of great animal coloring pages and your kids can learn something while fostering their creativity. Perfect when the weather is just a little too warm outside.

2.Splash In the Pool! Whether you have a real pool, or just a kiddie pool, what kid doesn't love splashing and getting soaked? The quintessential summertime activity.

3. Don't have a pool? Have a sprinkler party! Turn on the hose and let those kids burn off some energy. Bonus: It may just give you some time to catch up on that book you've been wanting to read. (Or, let's face it, shower.)

4.Go to the Zoo! Seriously, is there anyone on this planet of ours that doesn't love the zoo? Even if it's not really close, make it a long day trip. Your kids will talk about it for days.

5. Go Berry or Apple Picking. This is a fun summertime activity for the whole family - and there's an immediate payoff. You can also seize the educational opportunity at hand and talk to them about how fruit grows and how healthy it is for them.

Enjoy you summer!

Question of the day:
What are your favorite family summertime activities?


  1. Great list. There are over 200 coloring pages at my website, and since I'm the artist, I'm always open to requests if there is anything in particular your kids like to color :D When I find other sites or a good deal on coloring books online I put that up on the coloring pages blog, too.

  2. Summer Fey Foovay - Thanks for stopping by! You have a great page, I love the wildlife section.