Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bethany House Book Review: 'A Rush of Wings' by Kristen Heitzman

Publishers' Book Description:
Though her panic is real, Noelle St. Claire is uncertain what danger she is fleeing. Fragmented images and slivers of memory have driven her to abandon her wealthy, sheltered life in New York for the hope of a haven—remote and safe.

Noelle's arrival at the Rocky Mountain horse ranch owned by Rick Spencer and his brother Morgan causes more than a little stir. Beautiful, vulnerable, yet strangely secretive, Noelle is an enigma the two contrasting brothers seek to unlock. But as their attentions breach the wall she hides behind, the past becomes a menacing threat from which Noelle can no longer hide. 

If you would like to read an excerpt, you can do so here.

I finished this book WAY ahead of schedule - having two sick kids that just want to dog-pile on you all day will do that. If I can't move, I may as well read, right?

Terror. That's what Noelle St Claire is experiencing. Primal terror. Her flight instinct is maxed out and she's not trying to fight with it. The problem? She's not quite sure what she's so afraid of and why she's running. She eventually comes to a small town in the Colorado Rockies and, after inquiring about housing, is directed to a ranch owned by Rick Spencer. He's quiet, serious, and God-fearing. His brother, Morgan, however is the exact opposite. He's a successful, womanizing, corporate guy who works hard and plays harder. When both take a serious interest in the secretive Noelle, things get interesting.

William St Claire is a high powered New York defense attorney with connections and money. His protege, Michael Fallon, is Noelle's fiance. William has been much the overprotective parent for most of Noelle's life; picking her friends, teachers, activities... and partners. He admires and respects Michael, but he is unaware of the unstable, violent person he really is. Michael has learned that money means control and he takes advantage of it so often that it's become second nature. If someone dares to defy him, his temper is dangerous. The story that unfolds from the entanglement of these characters is dramatic, twisting and suspenseful.

And I'll leave you with that - because I don't like plot spoilers.

So, the verdict? I liked it. I didn't love it, but I liked it. The beginning was a little boring and sometimes the plot tended to drag a bit. There were a few plot development and character development issues, but they were very minor and I don't feel that they detracted from the story at all. I will say this: Kristen Heitzmann NAILS human emotions - turmoil, panic, hopelessness, confusion... and love. All of it. That talent is why I enjoyed the book so much. She made it real. I can honestly say she's one of the best at portraying emotion in writing that I've ever read. For that, I'm completely won over and I will definitely read more of what she has out.

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